Our first Project has been completed

Chinese NZ Oral History Foundation (Inc) .. our aim is to record the voices of NZ's Poll-Tax descendants &
- Chinese communities & other communities in NZ
as they talk about aspects of their family's history.

The Foundation is supported by the Sky City, Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust, the Community Organisations Grants Scheme etc and we use voice-recorders to record each interview.

Our interviewers have completed Oral History of NZ training & all interviews follow those protocols.
2010: We finished our 1st project
Between 2005 to 2010 our interviews of 22 descendants were recorded on cassette-tapes which were copied onto CD's and the brief notes (ie abstract). these with photos make up one interview.
- a full collection of the 22 interviews is at the Alexander Turnbull library in Wellington,
- A smaller number of interviews have been deposited at the Auckland Council central library & Hamilton Central library.
Who we interviewed:
Some were born in Canton,China while others were born in NZ ie Paeroa, Ohura, Taihape, Hamilton, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington.

The interviews cover:-

1 family:-
in China, where & when their ancestor arrived in NZ, their journey to NZ,
** what work they found & the early years in NZ
** adjusting and stable work ie merchants/traders, market gardeners, fruit-shops

2 Interviewee:
their parents, relatives, brothers & sisters,
** childhood y
ears & growing up in China or NZ,
** special events or celebrations, Chinese customs, learning Cantonese (language), religion,
** travel to China & life in China & return journey to NZ,
** education & life during the war-years (1940's),
** work in NZ ie fruit-shop, market-gardening, merchant,
** tertiary education and work in NZ & Hong Kong ie Engineer, Dentist, Lawyer, Nurse
** social life, marriage & bringing up their children.
Interviewees names are not shown here due to related privacy laws.
Listening to the interviews:
If you want to research any of the above, please leave details of your request & yr contact as a BLOG & we will reply.

You can listen to the interviews at those libraries
We are currently working on our 2nd project "Echoes in New Zealand.. voices from Chinese Poll-tax descendants and others"
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